Hi, I'm Shawn Ashley Ramirez, I'm a photographer based in San Antonio Texas and I have been doing photography since 2011. I believe that photography is not only an art, but a science as well. I use natural light along with studio lights to get results I find most pleasing. 

How photography started for me: Ever since I was a child I remember shooting point & shoot film cameras on school field trips, birthdays, hanging out with family or even just taking pictures of pets. I always tried to have a camera with me. I remember loading and shooting film in my first camera; it was a Kodak Cameo Motor EX and after shooting the roll my mother would take the film to Walgreen's for development. It felt like Christmas waiting for your pictures to come back and when you finally got them everyone took turns passing around pictures. Sometimes mom would buy doubles or on the rare occasion triples!

I loved that feeling, it was a small family bonding that not all households had. Even if the pictures were blurry they were still perfect because that was your memory that would last forever, it was a tangible dream.

That feeling is what I want to be a part of. I want to know that people stand around admiring their memories that I captured for them. Knowing that I captured that split second in time that makes your eyes water and face light up with joy brings me happiness. To me these are more than just pictures, these are reflections of cherished events.



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